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Technical Make sure you have implemented the framework into your mission correctly. Also make sure you give players enough gear and medical supplies and/or the ability to resupply. Use our framework! It will handle all of this for you. Test if the mission runs on our server. The mission working locally on your PC is not enough. There might be issues that you don’t see, such as script No, all regulated online slot machines are completely fair. The results are random every time, meaning that nothing in the game is rigged. To Arma 3 Add Zeus Slot ensure fair play, only choose slots from approved online casinos, such as those we list on this page. Playing at any of these will give you a fair chance of winning. There are 3 teams for this event, and as there are 3 rounds every team will get a chance to play as: Coalition armour, MEA armour and MEA anti-tank. For example, in round 1 Team 1 will play coalition armour, team 2 will play MEA armour and team 3 will play MEA AT. Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial expansion centered around the vanilla game's 2035 setting. Along with new factions, weapons, vehicles, and gear, Aegis provides a platform update that overhauls several weapons and vehicles to make them more authentic to their real-life counterparts, while remaining loyal to their Armaverse depiction.

While creating some Zeus templates for my ARMA 3 unit ( I've asked myself why not to share the result and the mission files to the public so everyone can potentially benefit from it. As a template for us it will depend on our modset. However the goal in mind is to just make a solid foundation and not place any mod related objects.

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The MC mission making framework is a collection of scripts and an example mission to make building missions easier and to make playing such missions a more consistent experience for players and Zeuses. Versions: v0.2.4 — Fixes “Call for transport” action on telepole v0.2.3 — Fixes teleport pole using the wrong global settings v0.2.2 — Fixes for Murk with Lambs, Vics and HTO; Added

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To take control over a friendly autonomous vehicle, you must have a UAV Terminal item assigned in the GPS slot in your inventory. Connection to a UAV can be created in the UAV Terminal. Open the action menu via [Mouse wheel down], select Open UAV Terminal. [Sec. Mouse Btn.] on the controlled UAV. Select Connect terminal to UAV.

- 21 player slots in 3 squads + 1 Zeus slot (If anyone needs more slots, I'll add more of them in separate workshop items) - Healing tent at the base, just stay near it for ~10 seconds and it will regen all your health - Player markers on the map - Big helos can lift ground and sea vehicles (scroll -> "Attach Cargo" when above a vehicle)